When Owen Thorskard's aunt, the most famous dragon slayer in Canada, is injured on the job, the extended family moves to a small town in southwestern Ontario. Besieged by dragons and bemused by algebra, Owen turns to local musician, Siobhan McQuaid, first to be his tutor, and then his bard. Together, Owen and Siobhan brave fire and worse to help save their town, no matter how many dragons get in their way.

Published by Carolrhoda Lab, a division of Lerner.

Cover art by Danielle Carnito


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"The promising 'Story of Owen' is a clever first step in the career of a novelist who, like her troubadour heroine, has many more songs to sing."
—The New York Times Book Review

"Humor, pathos and wry social commentary unite in a cleverly drawn, marvelously diverse world."
—starred, Kirkus Reviews

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The Story of Owen has a second verse! Now finished high school, Owen and Siobhan have enlisted in the Oil Watch. When they are sent to one of the least desirable postings, they must make the best of their situation. New teammates, new dragons, and, for Siobhan, new music...if she can get a grip on it before someone else takes over the story.


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"Grand, heartbreaking, ennobling and unforgettable."
—starred, Kirkus Reviews